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Substitute - Bodyweight Back Exercises

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Bodyweight Back Exercises

Here's the bad news. It's almost impossible to work your upper
back without equipment, such as a pullup bar, band or TRX-like piece of
equipment. Great 'bodyweight' back exercises that rely on equipment

- Pullups and Chinups to replace all seated pulldowns
- Bodyweight rows to replace dumbbell and seated rows
- Band pulls to replace rows

The only other moves you can do for your back with absolutely NO
equipment are Stick-ups (good for mobility), Prisoner-style leg exercises
(putting your hands in the Prisoner position for squats, for example), or


In the Iron Cross, stand with arms out to side and thumbs up. Brace
your abs, squeeze your glutes (your butt), and then squeeze the muscles
between your shoulder blades while tightening the back of your shoulders.
Squeeze like heck for 20-30 seconds. If you do 2-3 sets of that, it will be
a really great challenge to off-set all the pushups you do.