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I am currently going through menopause, will your program still work for me? - Knowledgebase / Exercise FAQs and Substitutions - Early to Rise Customer Support

I am currently going through menopause, will your program still work for me?

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I know that menopause can feel like a tricky time to lose fat, but research - and my experience helping over 75,000 women to lose weight - shows there are no specific secrets for weight loss in women going through this time in their life. 

The same weight loss formula that works for women 10, 20, and even 30 years younger works for you...Here it is:

a) Do short burst workouts like 6 Minutes to Skinny or my dumbbell-based Turbulence Training workouts. 

Using resistance training, bodyweight interval training, and traditional interval training (bike sprints) boosts your metabolism and accelerate your fat burning 24/7.

b) Eat a delicious, healthy diet of real food 

You can eat more food this way, too. Load up on lots of protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts, while eliminating processed foods, liquid calories, added sugar, trans-fats and hydrogenated oils, and possibly grains and dairy. 

c) Eating dairy is an individual decision. 

If your digestive system can tolerate it, research suggests that yogurt and whey protein can help in weight loss and muscle building. But if it causes bloating, gas, or constipation, cut it out.

d) Use three sessions of resistance training per week to build muscle. 

You need the muscle now to increase your metabolism, and you need the strength, muscle, and bone density in 10, 20, and 35 years from now so that you can live independently. Your best program for this is Turbulence Training.

e) Consider using an intermittent fasting program like Brad Pilon's Eat-Stop-Eat. 

Fasting is a popular and effective way to lose belly fat. Your metabolism changes when you fast, and you start using fat as your primary source of energy. What happens when you’re fasted is that your insulin levels go down and your growth hormone levels rise, causing free fatty acids to be released from your body fat.

Free fatty acids (FFA) have two functions. First, FFA's spare your muscles from being used as energy. There’s no reason to break down muscle when you have plenty of fat to burn. The FFA's also spare your liver glycogen from being used (liver glycogen is a source of stored carbohydrate in the body and is used for bursts of activity - like running up the stairs). Therefore, fasting increases the amount of fat that you burn while sparing your muscle and your high-powered energy source. Fasting allows you to spend a considerable amount of time burning fat as fuel, more than you would in sort of any other state, during normal everyday activities. Fasting allows you to burn more fat while grocery shopping, sleeping, etc. 

And while you’re burning fat, a few other important things are happening. Mainly you’re not eating and  digesting food. You’re taking a break from that whole process and that gives your gut a time to recover and repair from normal wear and tear and any inflammation that is going on. Fasting gives your body a break while helping you burn fat. It's a win-win situation.