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Do you have a recipe for fresh pasta?

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VERY IMPORTANT: While I sometimes indulge in fresh pasta, fresh pasta unfortunately is NOT EMBM compatible. It won’t help your weight loss efforts. Here is why: 
I wrote a few articles on cooking pasta for weight loss (3 of them here: The basic idea is that pasta is usually high-glycemic (it raises your blood sugar, which in turns leads to weight gain) UNLESS it is chosen adequately (choose real 100% whole grain) and cooked properly. 
One of the good factors influencing a lower glycemic index is that using “extruded” pasta helps a LOT. “Extruded” means that the pasta dough is commercially pressed through a machine with a tip. That process actually has the effect to build a coating around the surface of the pasta, which makes the starch LESS digestible (hence it doesn’t raise your blood sugar as much). 
If you make homemade pasta from scratch, you will not benefit from the extrusion process. So homemade pasta IS high-glycemic and thus NOT fat-burning. 
I hope this helps.