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Breathing during exercise

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Proper breathing during exercise is of utmost importance because it helps oxygenate hard-working muscles and supplies them with nutrient-rich blood.

Use proper form while lifting weights, and exhale when exerting the most force. For example, when doing barbell curls, exhale before curling the bar, and inhale as you extend your arms back into the starting position. Apply a similar breathing technique to all weight lifting exercises, making sure you always exhale when exerting force.

Master the art of low breathing during cardiovascular exercise. Start at a low intensity for approximately 5 minutes. Breathe in and out through your nose. Increase your intensity to your desired level, and continue to breathe in and out through your nose. Keep your abdomen relaxed and take deep breaths, completely filling your stomach with air before slowly exhaling. Continue this breathing pattern for the duration of your cardio session.