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How do I cancel a recurring subscription? - Knowledgebase / General Questions - Early to Rise Customer Support

How do I cancel a recurring subscription?

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You can cancel the Life Hacks recurring subscriptions on the membership site.

1) Log in to the membership site here:

2) In the top right hand corner, click 'My Account'

3) In the left hand navigation, click 'Subscriptions' or a picture of a wrench

4) You can see the Active Subscriptions you currently have with Early To Rise in this area. To cancel your Life Hacks subscription, click 'Manage'

5) This will open a new page where you can 'Remove Life Hacks' and effectively cancel your subscription


If your subscription is not appearing in the Subscriptions area on the membership site, OR you have a recurring subscription other than Life Hacks that you would like to cancel, please send an email to

When you email support, we always send a confirmation email to let you know once your subscription has been cancelled.

(For faster service please include the email address your subscription is signed up with.)