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Home Workout Revolution vs Metabolic Kick-Starter

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Home Workout Revolution is the original no-equipment bodyweight workout program and it features longer, more difficult workouts. The Home Workout Revolution workouts do not come in a specific order. Once you get past the beginner fitness level, you can use the workouts in any order that you want to boost your fitness and burn fat without having to go to the gym.

The new Metabolic Kick-Starter program was created with a more planned schedule and outcome in mind. It is a 25-day sequence of shorter, no-equipment workouts designed to sculpt your arms, abs, and butt, all while helping you lose fat and boost your fitness levels. The workouts are shorter, and therefore might feel slightly more manageable at the beginner and intermediate level, although even people at advanced fitness levels - like Craig - will still get a great workout if they push themselves in every rep and every second of those short workouts.