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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options - Knowledgebase / Differences between Programs - Early to Rise Customer Support

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options

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1) The 8 Minutes to Alpha / 6 Minutes to Skinny programs are similar with some slightly different information that is specific to men or women. Both programs have short 4-minute no-equipment workouts designed to help you burn fat and build up cardiovascular endurance.

2) The Metabolic Kickstarter program has bodyweight no-equipment workouts that are designed in a 5 days/week 5-week long program (That's 25 workouts) that progressively get more difficult. The workouts are 4-10 minutes long.


3) The Home Workout Revolution workouts use shorter (less than 20 minutes, and often less than 10 minutes), NO-equipment workouts for fitness and fat loss.

Here's a sample HWR workout


4) The Turbulence Training workouts use dumbbells and bodyweight exercises in 30-minute workouts to help you burn fat and build muscle. You even get TRX and Barbell exercise options, but you do NOT need those pieces of equipment to do the program.

Here's a sample TT workout